The Best WordPress Live Chat plugins 2022

The Best WordPress Live Chat plugins 2022

What is a Live Chat?

Have you ever been on a website and a Chatbox popped up asking you whether you need help? Let me guess, after answering yes and writing down the question you have been asked to wait, then the support specialist or a chatbot (yes, yes a robot) gives you the answers to your questions. All this magic is done with the help of Live Chats. Live chats can replace human presence in places where you can’t even imagine. Mostly, Live chats have artificial intelligence built into them. Generally, Live Chats can be divided into two types.

  • Human chat
  • Chatbots

There are two opinions concerning chatbots. Some think that the chatbots are unable to answer all the questions, meanwhile, there is a group of marketers who think that they are here to help companies to ensure customer satisfaction by giving instant answers to their questions.

Customer satisfaction and good experience are the essential points in every business. They became an important part of marketing. Before buying or trying a product a customer firstly will think about the ones, which provide them with a good customer experience.

Below you will find the best X Live Chat plugins, that can be a good solution for you in case you have decided to add a Live Chat plugin to your website and catch visitors’ attention.

Best Live Chat Plugins

1. 3cx Live Chat


First place proudly goes to the 3CX Live Chat plugin. 3CX Live Chat has more than 1.9 million downloads worldwide. The plugin simply integrates with WordPress websites. This is one of the best decisions for you to boost satisfaction scores and increase brand loyalty and trust among your website visitors. The 3CX Live Chat plugin that works with 3CX StartUP stands out with its revolutionary ability to turn a live chat into a live call or a video call with the same operator in just one click. This means that the customer can get advanced customer care as some issues are better explained via voice. It is super easy for companies to set up their own chat system based on their business needs. 

Customers can start a chat or call directly from the live chat box displayed on the website. The calls go via the browser, no dialling of numbers and no call charges. All the agent needs to do is to accept the “conversation request” and start their chat/call with the website visitor. Chats can be forwarded to other agents or groups of agents to ensure that the best person gets to respond to the query. Also being a team communication system, customer issues can be resolved faster by collaborating internally with the team.¬†¬†

Another point to highlight here is that you can also answer live chats remotely from 3CX mobile phone apps (You will find them for Android and for iOS as well) – they are available for free.

Main features and advantages

  • Switch from chat to call at any point to resolve issues faster via voice.
  • Handle your Facebook and SMS messages from the same interface
  • Respond to live chats on the go with included iOS & Android apps.
  • Discuss customer issues with the team over chat or calls
  • Assign chats to groups
  • Give visitors real-time advice as they browse your products/services
  • Convert new visitors into new leads in your CRM
  • Customize chat greetings according to business working hours.
  • Chat and call reports to evaluate agent performance
  • Includes video conferencing¬†
  • No per user per month licensing

Oh and the best part? 3CX StartUP is free forever! Check out more details here and download 3CX to revolutionize your customer service today.

Free Version                     Pro Version 

2. LiveAgent


LiveAgent is one of the well known and trusted live chats. The chat plugin is a key component of the help desk software that LiveAgent offers to the users. The customer issues can be solved within minutes reliably and quickly. The key feature that is really important to highlight here is the Omnichannel agent desktop ‚Äď a 360 view of all current chats, past chats, and customer info from a single dashboard. So using the LiveAgent chat you can make things easy because it‚Äôs an all-in-one platform.

The design of the chat is also an important point. Making an eye-catching and engaging chat can increase the probability of making the visitors into customers. LiveAgent allows you to fully customize chat buttons (including chat button templates, colours, position, animation, hover effect, Z index, mobile view, and CSS). 

Even in cases of being offline, the plugin will allow offline chat buttons and offline forms to collect customer information before each chat session begins. The plugin also gives the ability of real-time typing-view, which is a preview of what your customers are typing into the chat box before they hit send

LiveAgent has a limited free plan and their paid plans start from $15 per month per agent.

Free Version                       Pro Version


3. Support Board Cloud

Support Board Cloud is another option for you to automate communication with your customers using artificial intelligence-based chatbots or chats. The chatbot can become your virtual agent and reply autonomously to the customers’ requests. When it can’t access the correct answer, the human agent will reply. So Support Board Cloud offers us two kinds of Live Chats together.

You don’t have to hire a person who will speak 30 or more languages. The Chatbot is fully integrated and can automatically use the user’s language when available or the default language in other cases. Up to 32 languages are available.

Another feature that is different from the other plugins is the WooCommerce integration. Increase your shop’s sales with automated marketing tools for WooCommerce like chatbots integrated with your shop, automatic discounts, follow-up and more. The chatbot will autonomically answer the questions related to your shop or product.

Support Board Cloud offers no monthly fees. One-time payments cost $59 both for WordPress and for PHP.

Free Version                 Pro Version 


Set up the FROGED Chat in 5 minutes and create customizable live chats.

The platform allows brands to optimize their entire customer lifecycle: Onboarding, Engagement, and Proactive Customer Support. By connecting the dots within the customer journey, brands can personalize the customer experience at every touch point increasing overall MRR and retention, whilst preventing churn. 

The FROGED Chat plugin allows you to implement live chat widgets and set up in-app messaging, product flows as well as behavioural emails based on the customers’ behaviour. Sound good, huh?¬† But that’s not all. You can also track users’ behaviour and analytics, which can help you to understand your customers and improve customer satisfaction.

FROGED also has over 2k integrations available including, Zapier, Whatsapp, Twilio, Slack, and more.

As the main purpose for creating a live chat is customer engagement, the plugin also gives us the ability to create custom segmentation and audiences that can be applied across all campaigns and install a knowledge base/help centre and start creating support articles and videos․

FROGED offers 4 packages (monthly and annual plans are available)

  • Free
  • Grow from for ‚ā¨66 per month
  • Scale for ‚ā¨290 per month
  • Enterprise from ‚ā¨740 per month

Free Version               Pro Version

5. Live Chat РLive Support 


Live Chat plugin by onWebChat team is taking the 5th place with its innovative, easy to use live chat system. The key idea inserted in this plugin is that they are trying to make their live chat more human-centric. With onWebChat you can make the experience of navigating through your website or the buying experience even better for your customers. After entering a website a customer needs to be understood. Channel your users towards the information they really need and help them make decisions based on their actual needs.

The main features that the plugin offers are:

  • Chat History to refer to the previous chat sessions that the live chat operators have assisted over the time.
  • Visitor Monitoring¬†for analyzing and monitoring the visitors in real-time. You will be able to track the visitors’ information such as their country, city, time spent on your website etc.
  • Triggers, a popup messages that appear automatically, based on rules, when a visitor is on your website.
  • Typing Insights¬†to see what your visitors are typing before clicking the send button. Due to this feature, you can have more time to prepare the answers so that customers will appreciate your quick response.
  • Departments to group your operators and be sure that every chat is forwarded to the right operator.

See a list of all features  

So with the onWebChat plugin, you will be able to win your customers’ hearts and can create true relationships with them by understanding their needs and problems and proposing solutions by offering your input.

Besides the free package, the onWebChat offers a Premium package for only $6 per month.

Free Version             Pro Version


Wrapping up!

For wrapping up we can say that all the above-mentioned plugins are here to help us to increase the sales on our website and give answers to the customers’ questions in the most appropriate way. We can’t imagine a website without a live chat anymore. Even the big brands such as Hermes and Canyon use live chats as a quick and easy way to stay in touch with the customers.

So, if you want to increase sales on your website, add a little helper for your customer care specialists and engage your visitors, then live chats are a great solution for you.

And finally, if you want to stay in touch with us and get all the needed information, go and follow us on¬†Facebook¬†and¬†Twitter. But don’t forget about our¬†Youtube¬†channel, subscribe and watch step by step tutorials.





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