Unleash Your Inner Zoologist: Ultimate Animal Trivia


Unleash Your Inner Zoologist: Ultimate Animal Trivia

This quiz will help you check your knowledge on animals.

This cat is more slender than the rest of the big cats in the list, allowing it to be the fastest land mammal.

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Which is the fastest of the cat species?

It's a mammal.

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Which of these animals is venomous, has a nose of a duck, can swim under water and lays eggs.

Corresponding with its name, this whale is considered as one of the world's most powerful predator.

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Which of these whales is considered to be a part of the dolphin family?

It is blamed for COVID-19

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Which is the only mammal capable of sustained flight?

If it has a light producing organ it does not mean its a lantern 😉

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Which deep-sea creature is known for its bioluminescence and has a light-producing organ on its head?

The amount of hearts of an octopus is equal to 0.375 multiplied by the number of its legs.

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How many hearts do octopuses have?

Imagine being able to taste the floor.

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Which organs do butterflies use to taste?

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