Extra Shortcodes Addon Description

Extra shortcodes addon description

Extra shortcodes addon adds five amazing shortcodes to your Quiz Maker plugin, to give your users an even better experience on your website! This addon is made specifically to show the user statistics of their quiz activity. With the help of it, users will get the opportunity to see their individual progress on a specific quiz, their history, best score, activity per day, and also, the quiz activity per day on the front page. This addon is only for the PRO versions of the Quiz Maker plugin.

How to use – Detailed instructions

  1. Download and install the zip file of the Extra shortcodes addon on your WordPress website in the Plugins section.
    (Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin).
  2. After the activation, the shortcodes will be added to the bottom part of the Shortcodes section of your Quiz Maker plugin.
    (General Settings> Shortcodes).
  3. Each function is developed under separate shortcodes which you need to copy and paste to your preferred page.

This addon includes:

– User Progress

Settings: This shortcode ([ays_user_progress id=”Your_Quiz_ID” mode=”score/points”) is made for the user to see their progress with a graph. You can choose the graph to appear either with scores or with points. You have to enter the ID of your preferred quiz in the shortcode and choose the mode of calculation. And that’s it! The current user will see their progression in the form of a chart.

On the front page: You see a graph consisting of two exes. The horizontal shows the user’s attempts and the vertical shows scores/points.

– User History Quiz

Settings: This shortcode ([ays_user_history_quiz id=”Your_Quiz_ID”) adds a table on the front page, where the user is able to see their personal history on passing a specific quiz. There are many columns that you can choose to add or remove from the result table: quiz name, start date, end date, duration, score, points, certificate, details. You are free to change the order of the columns.

In the settings part of this shortcode, you can see the “Hide correct answer” option, which while enabled, won’t show the correct answers in the detailed report.

On the front page: You see a chart consisting of all the columns that you chose in the Settings. You can see the details with quiz name, question, your answer, etc., also you are able to Export the report to pdf file.

– User Best Score

Settings: This shortcode ([ays_user_bestscore id=”Your_Quiz_ID” mode=”percentage/points”) is for showing the best score of the user in a quiz. Here also you have to choose the mode (percentage/score) on which the best score will be shown. You can type down messages for the user who passed the quiz and for the one who has not passed it yet. In the settings of this shortcode, there is a message variable that you can put in the “Message for the user who has passed” field. If not, a default text will appear on the front page.

On the front page: A text will appear with the user’s best score by default, or with a custom text with the message variable. If the user sees the quiz for the first time, he/she will get the message for the user who has not passed yet.

– User Activity Per Day

Settings: This shortcode ([ays_user_activity_per_day) is made to show the level of general engagement for quizzes by quantifying the number of times the current user takes them daily. When you put this on a page, the user will see a chart with the dates and pass counts of the quizzes, namely, how many times the user passed any quiz per day.

On the front page: You see a chart with your quiz pass counts and the dates.

– Quiz Activity Per Day

Settings: A little bit familiar to the previous one, this shortcode ([ays_quiz_activity_per_day id=”Your_Quiz_ID”) shows the level of engagement for a particular quiz by quantifying the number of times all participants take the quiz daily. Again with a chart, the user will be able to see how many times that particular quiz was passed by all quiz takers.

On the front page: You see a chart with the overall number of the quiz pass counts and the dates.

Useful tips:

  • All the shortcodes except the last one work only for logged-in users. You can use a user management plugin to allow guests to create their own user profiles (e.g. Ultimate Member).
  • Use the shortcodes by copying and pasting them on your pages. Note that some of them need to be modified (add quiz ID, choose the mode).


In case of any pre-sale questions or support requests, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care specialists via this email address: info@ays-pro.com.

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